Building Tomorrow, Today

Over the past six months, our Board of Trustees has been working diligently to determine the feasibility of a 1.5 acre site in Ft Mitchell located at 221 Grandview Drive. We have secured the property through a ground lease agreement that allows us the low risk flexibility to determine if we can build a school there. During this time, we have achieved the following outcomes:

  • Created a project team that includes our architect, civil engineer, construction manager, and project coordinator
  • Secured the necessary zoning approvals to construct a campus to house all of CRA’s programs
    Developed a campus site plan
  • Commenced conceptual building design, including initial floor plans to construct 20,000 sq ft of classroom, administrative, and communal spaces to serve approximately 200 students and train future Montessori teachers
  • Assessed the project’s financial feasibility and the school’s borrowing capacity, and recruited a committee to spearhead the launch of a major fundraising initiative

We have made great strides, but there is much more to be done.

Behind the full participation of our Board of Trustees, we have launched a major fundraising initiative to bridge the gap between our financial feasibility and borrowing capacity. Your commitment and support of our organization has us within reach of the future our children, faculty, and prospective educators deserve. We thank you for your steadfast belief in our mission and look forward to the opportunity to share more information with you personally.

The Time is Now for CRA!