Early Childhood

The Early Childhood program is designed for children ages three to six. The curriculum is culturally-rich and values-based.


This stimulating and developmentally appropriate curriculum includes:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Science
  • Botany
  • Geography
  • Physical science
  • Sensory refinement (pre-geometry)
  • Practical life
  • Peace studies

Important developmental goals during these formative years include the abilities to:

  • Concentrate and focus
  • Order one’s thought processes
  • Coordinate large and small muscles
  • Develop independence and initiative in learning

As children get older and move into the elementary years, the establishment of these skills lays the foundation for more complex learning processes. Children in the Early Childhood program are encouraged to become independent learners in a highly structured but beautiful environment where “freedom within limits” is the philosophy of engagement. Children are encouraged to have hands-on experiences, move about freely within the classroom, choose from any area of the curriculum that interests them, and spend extended periods of time working in their areas of interest.

The mixed-age grouping of the Early Childhood program enables children to develop exceptional social skills including leadership, empathy, conflict resolution, and manners.