The first days of school involve a lot of setting of expectations and goals, and we’ve begun this year in part by discussing the idea of a mission statement for Upper Elementary. 

We began by discussing in detail the mission statement for Crescent Ridge Academy overall, and all students participated in analyzing the significance of the words chosen. We used this discussion to feed a brainstorming session to come up with our own mission, then translate our goals into appropriate language.

After reviewing our brainstormed list of things we want to accomplish as a class, we narrowed the list by eliminating items that are not within our control. 

Then, we categorized the remaining items into three categories: 

  1. items having to do with our physical classroom environment; 
  2. items having to do with the subjects we are learning about; and 
  3. items having to do with our behavior within the group. 

After that,  we came up with action words that relate to each of the categories, and finished by choosing action words to incorporate into phrases describing our overall goal for each category. 

Our next and final step was to combine these phrases together to create the following mission statement:

We, the 2023-23 Crescent Ridge Academy Upper Elementary class intend to socialize in ways that encourage respect, to improve our space to improve our experience, and to create more opportunities for learning.