On the 31st of August, the students at Crescent Ridge Academy will celebrate the Birthday of Doctor Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952)  Dr. Maria Montessori was the Founder of the educational method that we share with our students every day, Montessori Education!

Doctor Maria Montessori was born in Chiaravalle, Italy in 1870. Breaking down conventional barriers from her very early years, Montessori was determined to enter the male-dominated role of medicine and become a doctor. After initially being denied admission to medical school due to her gender, Montessori became the first Italian woman to graduate with her medical degree in 1896.

Doctor Montessori utilized her medical degree and then became involved with children with learning disabilities. This work initiated and supported a new interest for Dr. Montessori. It is this work that led to her interest in education, philosophy and anthropology. This interest and continued education supported Montessori in The development of an educational program that would assist children of all abilities to achieve their full potential.

In 1907, Montessori pushed her methodology into mainstream education. She  opened her first Casa Dei Bambini, what she called the “Children’s House”. Here she applied her teaching principles on children.  By 1909, Montessori began her first training course for teachers, who she called Directresses. Dr. Montessori also published her first book, which has since been translated into more than 20 languages. She went on to write over 100 books related to child development, peace education and teacher training. 

At the beginning of the twentieth century Montessori began her expansion of the Montessori Method,  Montessori schools began springing to life across the globe. In 1947, Montessori addressed UNESCO with the theme of Education and Peace, and received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1949. Maria Montessori died in 1952 and bequeathed her legacy of work to her son Mario.Today there are over 22,000 Montessori schools in our 110 countries. 

Crescent Ridge Academy is honored to celebrate Doctor Maria Montessori’s legacy of education, inspiration, and determination. Happy Birthday to a sensational woman whose life and educational method have changed our world.