Teacher Education Program Faculty

Johnna Chamberlain

Co-Director, Teacher Education Program

Johnna Chamberlain, M.Ed, is the Early Childhood Coordinator at Crescent Ridge Academy’s Teacher Education Program. With a B.A. in Elementary Education from Miami University and an M.Ed in Montessori Education from Xavier, Johnna boasts a wealth of experience from Montessori Schools in New York and Ohio. Over 14 years in NYC, she earned her Early Childhood Credential, contributed to the development of a pioneering 2E school, and studied Gifted Education at the University of Connecticut. Outside of education, Johnna indulges her culinary passion, evident in her practical life course.

Lesley Roth

Co-Director, Teacher Education Program

Lesley Roth is a seasoned Montessori educator with experience both teaching in schools as well as working with adult learners. Most recently, she served as the Director of the Montessori Teacher Education Program at Xavier University. Lesley has served as a Head of School, teaching professor, early childhood Montessori educator, and reading specialist. She is passionate about literacy and language development in young children. Lesley teaches the Early Childhood language course, personal growth, and online child development courses at CRA. She also serves as the practicum co-coordinator with Johnna Chamberlain.

Stephanie Burchett

Field Consultant and Instructor

Stephanie Burchett is the Educational Coordinator at Montessori Center Room in Cincinnati, Ohio.​  She has BFA degree from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and holds an AMS Early Childhood credential. She has been teaching in a Montessori classroom since 1994. With a strong foundation in Montessori philosophy and a love of art, Stephanie found her niche. She is passionate about the importance of art education for children and shares with adult learners. Stephanie has presented her art curriculum at the CMS and AMS Conference. Stephanie is a published author of The Art Curriculum for the Montessori Classroom. With CRA, she teaches art and is a Field Consultant for practicum students. She believes whole-heartedly in the Montessori philosophy and is dedicated to always serving the needs of the child first. 

Lacey Champion

Field Consultant, Instructor, and Infant & Toddler Practitcum Coordinator

Lacey Champion, born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, where she lives with her family. She has been involved in Montessori for the past 14 years. She began as a sub, floating between classes of all levels, from young toddlers to elementary, where she found her passion was truly working with toddlers. In 2009, she received her NAMC Toddler certificate, and in 2014, she began her journey with GCCME, now CRA. Lacey now holds her Infant/Toddler credential from AMS. She has developed a passion for guiding adults along their Montessori journey as educators and parents, creating an infant/Caregiver program locally in Alabama.

Crystal Dahlmeier

Field Consultant and Instructor

Crystal Dahlmeier received a BS in Biology from Marietta College and a M.Ed. in Montessori Education at Xavier University. She was lead teacher/principal at Xavier University Montessori Lab School for 17 years, where she also taught both graduate and undergraduate classes in Montessori and Early Childhood Education. Crystal is a National Board Certified Teacher and a PITC Certified Infant/Toddler Trainer. She has served as the Teacher Section Chair for the American Montessori Society and has taught in Montessori Programs in Perth, Western Australia, England, and Seoul, S.Korea. Currently, she is a Field Consultant and teaches Philosophy & Sensorial.

Tina Evans


Tina Evans is the Director and Head Teacher at Family Montessori of Lebanon, in Lebanon, Ohio.  She is a credentialed Early Childhood Montessori teacher, with a B.A. in Telecommunications and an M.B.A. and M.A. in Non-profit Administration. She has been teaching children since 2011 after receiving her Montessori early childhood credential.  Tina has blended her years of education, years of parenting 3 children, and her love of Montessori to create the ideal job!  Her love for Montessori has grown from roots of being a Montessori student, through following her mom’s career as a Montessori teacher, to becoming an enthusiastic life-long learner of the Montessori philosophy and method.  Tina lives in Mason, Ohio with her husband, John, and enjoys playing tennis, reading, creative work, and spending time with family.  Currently, Tina is the Math Instructor in the CRA Early Childhood program.

Stephanie Hicks

Infant & Toddler Program Coordinator and Instructor

Stephanie Hicks received her AMS 0-3 Montessori credential in 2006 from the Columbus Montessori Education Center. Since then, she has been working with infants and toddlers in a variety of schools and settings. She currently teaches in a Montessori toddler classroom at The Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stephanie has her bachelors degree in Human Development from the University of Massachusetts. She lives on the west side of Cincinnati with her husband and two children. Stephanie joined the faculty at CRA in 2015 and remains the Academic Coordinator for the Infant/Toddler program. She is also a core I&T Instructor.

Lysa Hou

Instructor, Field Consultant and Infant & Toddler Practicum Coordinator

Lysa Hou, started Grow 2Gether, to support and assist parents in Montessori education and fostering a life-long love of learning with their children. Currently, spending splitting her time between Los Angeles and Cincinnati, working at a Jewish Montessori school. She has been in Early Childhood education since 2002 and worked with children in a variety of settings, ESL learners, multicultural learners and Montessori schools. Lysa holds an American Montessori Society Early Childhood and Infant / Toddler Teaching Credential, as well as a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Xavier University.

Becky Spooner

IT Instructor, Co-Practicum Coordinator, and Field Consultant

Becky has over 20 years of experience as a Montessori educator and was a Montessori student through 6th grade. She worked as a lead toddler guide in her classroom at the Montessori School of Huntsville in Huntsville, AL, for 17 years before stepping out of the classroom and pursuing work in administration and as a Montessori TEP instructor here at CRA. Becky holds her BS in Early Childhood Education – Montessori with a minor in Professional Writing from Saint Catherine University and her full AMS Infant & Toddler credential. Working with toddlers and growing alongside adult learners who are working through their AMS Infant & Toddler certification is her passion.