You can provide unparalleled experiences for students, families, and educators. 

You can create an environment where students can learn at their own pace, based on their own interests. Where diversity and differences are celebrated and students gain the confidence to become the best versions of themselves.

Help guide the future for students and teachers at Crescent Ridge Academy.


Crescent Ridge Academy is guiding the future of education, fostering a unique and inclusive learning community for students and educators.


Meet a few of the many students who are thriving at CRA:


Meet Emery

Meet Emery

Emery enters the classroom happy and ready to see her friends and teacher’s. 

She enjoys looking at books and being read to. She is a joy to observe during a work cycle. She has great concentration with any material she chooses. 

She has a strong sense of self and a natural role model in our environment. 

Emery is thriving at CRA.

Meet Willa

Meet Willa

Willa enters the 3-6 classroom each day happy and eager to see her friends and teachers and experience new lessons and works.

She has naturally stepped into a leadership role and is so confident and proud of her work.  She has demonstrated a beautiful work cycle and great concentration in various areas of the classroom (often engaging with works for substantial periods of time). 

Willa is thriving at CRA.

Meet Everett

Meet Everett

Everett is in the first grade and new to CRA. He is cautious and curious and becoming more confident and skillful each day. 

Most recently, he raised his hand for the first time to ask a question during a lesson. He loves being able to work on the Golden Beads as long as he’d like and his teachers know just what it takes to bring him out of his shell.

Everett is thriving at CRA.